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In all the ways that the American Southwest is still wild, and all the ways in which it is growing and changing, Cyber Group has been there to see it all. Having moved through a few iterations of their core firm, they have deep industry knowledge and more than enough experience under their belts to deliver exactly that to their clients: true, luxurious, and glorious experience.

At nearly 75 employees, Cyber is an extremely high- functioning firm, completing more than 700 unique projects in a year. They’re able to work at that pace in the Arizona climate without you ever seeing them sweat – communicating with clients regularly and efficiently, while staying on time and on budget.


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The team at Cyber has discovered a real passion for the work, and a true dedication for each other. They’ve also developed a pretty serious work culture around curiosity, kindness, and valuing different perspectives, experiences, and ideas as if they were your own.

Delivering the best possible experience to a client is at the top of the priority list for the entire team at Cyber Group. And once they’ve completed a project, they don’t stop there. Cyber has many dedicated, deeply technical experts on staff who are true masters of their own areas of expertise, but who also are required to cross-train each other. It’s a unique approach to team development that has led to amazing individual gains – translating to the ultimate client experience.

Technology changes all the time... but what will NEVER change is how much we LOVE the moment of a reveal for a client. The opportunity to walk them through their home and have them experience their technology solution for the first time. It’s an absolute joy for us.
— Ben Lentz | Principal, Cyber Group


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Arizona - primarily Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and Phoenix.