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DSI was founded in 1994 as an answer to a product that had just come out… and believe it or not, that product was Direct TV. DSI founders Eric and Tom created a whole business around it. But from there, clients started asking for support with custom installation of anything and everything, and the complexity of their projects started to grow. And grow. And grow.

And it grew so much that at one point, DSI was the largest high-end A/V integrator in greater Los Angeles. But while countless other firms have jumped in the game and claim to promise the same level of skill and expertise, DSI is actually quite proud to no longer be the largest. They are, however, still very proud to be the best. They’re firm believers that fewer customers ultimately means fewer projects that they can do twice as well, and give their absolute all to.


Electronic House | Home of the Year 2018, Gold


With a cherry-picked, elite team of around 25 employees, DSI is like the Navy Seals of custom A/V integration in LA. Where other firms may send B or C players to a job, DSI is all A team, all the time. The entire team has years of experience completing some of the most complex projects in some of the most beautiful, high-end homes in the country.

That said, DSI is very selective about what they take on. They only commit to a client when they can bring their full attention and care, and give it everything they’ve got. And when they do, there’s literally nothing that gets in their way of achieving a client’s dream and making it a reality.

At DSI, our word is gold. We’re working with technology, and it’s always going to be unpredictable. We can’t control what Apple or SONY makes, but we WILL be the team that helps you with it all, every time, whenever you need it. We make clients happy, period. They know they can truly rely on us.
— Eric Thies, President | DSI


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