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On the beginnings of Dallas Sight and Sound, founder David Rogers will take you back to the late seventies, when he romantically remembers the world as a much more physical and mechanical place. The company may have been founded in 1984, but David reminisces about discovering a love of the way things worked in early childhood, about the amazement he felt at being paid to work in a place as cool as a stereo store, and about a first client empowering him to do full demo and re-construction around a sound system.

Flash forward to today and you might say everyone at DSS has been “bitten by the bug.” They are all absolutely enamored with process and problem solving, and see their work as a natural extension of that obsession. From their core work and HQ in Dallas to extensive, beautiful ranches on Texas’s northern border, to Arkansas, Louisiana and beyond, DSS continues to bring every client that original heart and grit.


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Dallas Sight and Sound is intentionally not flashy. Their facility is tailored to bringing their clients the best possible process instead of a fancy showroom, where the latest technology will come and go. From purchase orders and inventory to dispatching, repairs, and time-tracking, they are able to provide a complete picture of where they are on a project at absolutely any time. 

DSS has also been providing 24/7 on-call service to clients since pagers existed – their after-hours support is 2nd to none. Again: problem solvers and don’t-take-no-for-an-answer solution seekers.

I’m so excited to see the resurgence on high quality sound systems, including stereos and turntables. Devices and automation are amazing of course, but I believe there should always be a place for beautifully made, premium analog design.
— David Rogers, President | Dallas Sight and Sound


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Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma & Louisiana