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Welcome to the heart of the Midwest, and if Echo Systems has anything to say about it, the very pulse of the nation. For over 15 years, they’ve seen first-hand that some of the most exciting home technology solutions are in high demand here among the amber waves of grain.

Based in Omaha, Echo Systems Founder John Palser pioneered the proliferation of lighting control in this region and eventually added additional A/V services, with a specific focus on luxury and out-of-the-box concepts. He knew from early on that collaboration with the trades — electrical contractors, architects, designers and more — would make a big difference for the success of the project, but primarily for the homeowner. Echo began taking on a larger and larger role, and ultimate responsibility, providing strong documentation, oversight, and most importantly an eye on aesthetic integration. Their goal has always been to provide the highest level of performance technology without detracting from the vision of the homeowner. 


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Echo System’s Experience Center is incomparable. They painstakingly built an actual home inside their offices, so they can focus not just on products, or the same cookie-cutter offerings, but on the lifestyle — how you would actually feel living with and experiencing technology, and the wide range of opportunities truly available.

While visiting the Experience Center, you would also see their in-house production facility and “NOC” (Network Operations Center). This is where every system is fully built and tested before deployment, alongside dedicated service staff responding to any client call within 15 minutes.

Echo Systems also ensures that the planning process and communication is taken very seriously, every step of the way. They fiercely believe that too many projects kick-off where A/V is still considered an afterthought, and then it looks and behaves that way: as an afterthought. In these modern times, that should just never be the case. You can have your technology, and have it be beautiful, too.

Clients want it to be really simple. We know right then that we’re on the right track, because the absence of technology is actually NOT simple: 4 remotes in every room and one person in the household who knows how to operate them! There are a lot of parts and pieces to what we do, and it’s complicated of course, but the end result is so solid and delivers total simplicity to the client.
— Doug Dushan | Sales & Marketing Manager, Echo Systems


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Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri