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Maverick takes their name quite seriously. But while many think that means they're trailblazing, risk-taking rogues... in fact, the team at Maverick makes their industry mark by intentionally doing the opposite. Yes, any technology they recommend or use has to be brilliant and game-changing, and their entire team needs to understand it inside and out (and does). But the Maverick team is first and foremost a design team. Truly bespoke designers. They can create pencil-perfect architectural plans and provide complete installation at any stage of any project. From a penthouse apartment in Naples, Florida to a secluded 2nd home in Lake Sunapee to The Boston Globe's offices, or yes, even their local Ferrari and Maserati dealerships in New Hampshire, you will quickly discover that Maverick is 100% ride-or-die.


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Maverick has a team of over 50, many of whom are working in either completely different parts of their 20,000 sq. ft. facility, or out in the field, possibly in a different state. Which means they have to go above and beyond to communicate and cooperate successfully every single day. And they apply this to every project, focusing on process with fine detail from start to finish. Maverick also has "Job Captains," instead of a traditional sales team. And all Job Captains are expert-level designers – you never meet with someone that doesn't know how to conceptualize, design and build. Lastly, Maverick's state-of-the-art showrooms and incredibly impressive "NOC" (Network Operations Control) Center, where they're fixing problems either remotely or preemptively 24/7, is unmatched in the industry.

What we want, what we look for, is a client who cares about their music or movies as much as we do, and for the experience to be totally awesome. That’s where our work truly shines.
— Dennis Jaques, President | Maverick


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All of New England, parts of New York (including NYC), Naples, Florida & Gulf Coast.