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Located just outside of New Haven, CT, Opus A/V/C has a team that also frequently travels to Rhode Island or New York state, across the Long Island Sound to New York City or out to the islands of the Cape, such as Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. But when they’re not on the road, you’ll find them enjoying their proud New England home office, complete with dogs underfoot.

Opus A/V/C has also been operating since the late ‘80s, and has been a leader in the integration industry for decades. Passionate about perfection and always moved by great architecture and industrial design, the team here is always proud to regularly get to play in these fields with their work.


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Opus A/V/C knows that their goal is to simplify technology, and to do so by genuinely acknowledging that each client is truly one-and-only. The team’s motto manages to grasp both simplicity and respect in one fell swoop: Be gracious. And Opus A/V/C feels strongly that this goes beyond just doing the right thing every time. To them, it means not even waiting for any particular occasion to arise, but actively pursuing ways to be better partners, to their clients, partners and to each other. In this industry, it’s important to find a firm that doesn’t work from a reactive place. Guild members like Opus A/V/C will not only present the best options, but a big picture vision and the perfectionist-level workflow needed to complete it, no matter what. And every project is just another opportunity to have a client look back and say, "THAT'S why we hired them." 

Many firms are good at technology, but there aren’t many that are true editors and able to winnow down the breadth of technology into the digestable, beautiful utility that it truly is. Is this as absolutely simple as it can be? Are there as few seams as possible?
— David Barson, Partner | OPUS


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