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Aspen or Vail? The Guild does not offer vacation advice, but if your heart is already set on either location (or sunny South Florida for that matter!) for either a new home or a vacation home-of-the-heart, we can easily recommend your technology designer.

Paragon Systems Integration was born in 1996, coincidentally enough… the same year as the K2 Four skis. Absolutely revolutionary on the mountain, K2 actually marketed their skis as “having a brain.” One could make the same case for Paragon. They have understood, from the very beginning, that beautiful design can and should incorporate human-centric technology, problem-solving solutions and most of all: superior and reliable service.

To this day, homeowners, architects and builders in these renowned Colorado and Florida communities lean on Paragon from the beginning of any project. Much like you want the best equipment as you approach the mountains — you want the very best team (and brain) by your side to make your dream home come to life.

I live for the client that calls to say ‘I loved it. LOVE. Didn’t even have to call actually, it was all so intuitive. So easy to use that we figured it out right away, with 12 people in the house while getting ready for the holidays, etc.’ At Paragon, THAT’s what we do.
— Dave Raife, Paragon Systems Integration


Paragon always puts clients first. They encourage clients to lead the way, dream big, be genuine about their wishes and technology comfort level. Then they expertly guide their clients through projects large and small, from the design and planning phase through completion. And even though Paragon has over 20 years of experience, they do not operate on auto-pilot, or ever see their work as formulaic. Every client and project brings a unique opportunity or exciting idea, along with room for constant improvement, which is another core belief at Paragon — that there’s no such thing as total mastery. Each day is a chance to learn and get better, for every member of the team.

Speaking of their team, they operate with a real family culture — with each other and with clients as well. Someone may come to experience the showroom and end up in a creative design meeting. The Paragon showroom is a great source of pride. Customers can come in and experience the best technology, total control, and come to truly appreciate the systems Paragon creates, with specific products they have recommended for a particular project, or brand new products they themselves are just learning about.


Aspen Showroom
601 Rio Grande Pl. #101 Aspen, CO 81611
Call 970.920.3167

Vail Showroom
216 Main Street #217
Edwards, CO 81632 
Call 970.445.2424

Palm Beach Showroom
1177 Clare Ave
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Call 305.486.1324



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