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A lot of the most successful integration firms will tell you that their passion for the business started as a hobby, which is true. But for Ken Johnson of Premiere, it was a bit more. From an early stage, he knew he wanted to be an expert. And the chance to work with clients who could afford the very best was a fascinating and driving force. Ken has very much brought this approach to a company that has grown into a deeply experienced team working in multiple locations. The team at Premiere considers themselves high-level investors of a sort: bringing clients the very best, customized products and choices, and then staying involved by getting to know them over time and providing the best possible service or updates as needed. Many of their long-terms clients have become the closest of friends as a result.


2016 “Lutron Excellence Award” for Best Wireless Project

2016 “Put it to the Test Award” from Savant

2008 “Lutron Excellence Award” for Best MDU/Residential Tower


Premiere deploys the finest processes and documentation for both the administrative and production side of this business. In fact, they are proudly called "The Kings of Process," maintaining extensive project documentation so that even years later, Premiere knows every detail of your system, who worked on it and what was done, etc. This allows Premiere to provide precision-like, personalized care and service for their clients, from the beginning and for years to come.

At Premiere, we have an obsession with finishing well. It has to do with how we complete a job, giving it our all, even past the finish line. When we focus on that, we know we’ve given our clients our all, and then some.
— Ken Johnson, President | Premiere


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