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Cantara's Greek lyre logo and tagline "Engineered to Sing" is carefully considered and quite intentional. After all, as long as humans have gathered together, technology and invention have been elevating our experiences. We may take light or warmth from a fire for granted, or telling a story with an instrument, but Cantara very much sees their role as a modern-day curator of these shared human experiences we’ve been seeking out for all of time.

Good thing the highly evolved team at Cantara isn't afraid of how quickly technology is changing in the present day. Instead, they welcome it. In fact, Cantara admits they are absolutely obsessed with discovering the full potential of what all of this technology can do. Especially when it's personalized to a particular client's lifestyle. That's the history they seek to make: the moment when a whole home seems to come alive: simply, responsibly, beautifully... this is how life itself sings.


No More Excuses | CePro, Dec 2016

Tour the Honda Smart Home | Sept 2015

Stage Presence | Electronic House, Aug 2014



Cantara is constantly, internally brainstorming on their philosophy of service and how to best support what they call "ownership experience." Of course you are going to get stunning design and flawless execution. But the Cantara team wants to deeply understand your comfort and confidence level with technology, and ensure that every aspect of their completed work feels effortless, and better yet: subconscious. 

Each day brings more that we can do in a client’s life, and it’s so exciting. Imagine being a chef, and every day, a new type of meal was added to your routine. Breakfast, lunch and dinner: sure, got it. But suddenly, a whole new opportunity to relax, delight and enjoy life appears - something that didn’t exist before. The possibilities to make our clients’ lives richer is simply amazing. And there’s no end in sight.
— Jason Voorhees, President | Cantara


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